Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?

Keep in ideal weight and shaped body is certainly a dream of all people. Yet, it can’t be gotten easily. Someone should always control their diet plans every day and has regular exercise to keep in shape or even losing some more weight. Choosing the best exercise is also the most important point to consider making effective your weight loss program because each exercise type gives different effects to your body.

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Which One Better; Weight Lifting or Treadmill?   

treadmill Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?

A newest research has proven that dynamic treadmill workout in one hour will discharge two appetite hormones named ghrelin and peptide YY. Meanwhile, the weight lifting exercise in one and a half of hours will only release ghrelin hormone. The research was done in elevn university students to have some sessions of exercise. They are surveyed about the hungry feeling after the asked exercise to do as well as served some meals to consume. It is proved that appetite is suppressed immediately and during the dynamic treadmill. Furthermore, the research supports the previous research that appetite suppression is better gotten after aerobic exercise than the non aerobic one.

Appetite Suppression after Exercise Doesn’t Work in Obese Women

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Yes, another research proved that the appetite suppression during and after the exercise is only for lean women. Contrarily, the appetite will increase after obese women got too much exercises. Based on some research, leptin hormone increases during and after the exercise so that suppressing the appetite. However, the leptin level increasing will never affect fatty body. It means that the leptin increasing will not give effects to the obese women. This study becomes good information for therapists and physicians that handle a weight loss program in obese women. They shouldn’t give too much exercise to the obese women or they will find the women hungry much and will eat much more.

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