Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Firstly found in China and becomes the most honorable drink, the green tea drinks now are well known to all over the world. Many people have researched the properties and how it works well to maintain health including suppressing appetite. Of course, it is great news for all people with a weight loss program.

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Breakdown the Catecholamine     

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Green tea is proven can breakdown the catecholamine such as norepinephrine and dopamine that will automatically affect the sympathetic nerves and then reduce the appetite. The compound named ECGC in green tea is the one that is believed affecting the enzyme breakdown and suppresses the appetite so that you will not feel hungry too fast and many times every day.


Increase the CCK Productions   

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Another effect of green tea consumption is the increasing of CCK; a hormone that can immediately reduce appetite. CCK will release intestine that will send message to the brain that food consumed is sufficient after a meal time so that the body will not need more foods to consume. It means that there will never be too much food consumption anymore. You can have proper sums of food every time and burn the calorie much faster.


Other Healthy Effects of Green Tea

green tea health benefits Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Green tea contains antioxidant polyphenol that can give many positive effects to your health. First, it can help your body burns the fats partiality to protein. Yet, the fat burning will not affect damages in cardiovascular system. Secondly, the high antioxidant is good to maintain heart health by smoothing the heart rates and maintaining the arteries. Besides, green tea also gives calmness of mind so it will be best drunk before or after yoga. Besides, green tea is also good for beauty care because of the high antioxidant contents.

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