How to Suppress Appetite with Water

Does water is able to keep appetite?

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You might have been questioning in your mind whether water can keep your appetite. If you notice, your body contains more water than meat. One of the examples is your blood is liquid that flow the whole oxygen and food intake within your body so that you are still alive. When your body lacks of water you will get dehydrated and you will lack of metabolism. Why? Because when you are lacking of water your kidney will not be able to work well as water helps your kidney doing its work to keep your body metabolism and as a result it will not be able to metabolize the amount of fat within your body and gives you weight problem and other health problems.


Tips on How to Suppress Appetite with Water

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Here are some tips on How to suppress appetite with water that you can follow:

1.     Drink a lot of water every day. Try to drink at least two litters of water per day. Drink water even you don’t feel thirsty regularly before you eat. Drink two glasses of water before eating as it can help you reducing satiety and the amount of calories in the food that you eat.

2.     Drink only mineral water and don’t drink too much sweet water like sweet tea, cola, and many more as it does not really good for your body metabolism.

3.     You may combine water intake through fruits as most of fruits contain of water. You can eat fruit like apple, oranges, and many more. If you don’t like eating raw fruits you may make some juice made of any fruit you like. By drinking juice you will have more fiber that will be good for your body as with more fiber you will get full longer.

4.     Drink water whenever you want to eat more as with water you will feel full. Moreover, when you drink a lot of water every day you will feel healthier and fresh. Your skin will be smoother and healthier, your kidney will work well and you will not have problem with metabolism again.

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