How Vinegar Suppress Appetite

How Vinegar Suppress Appetite

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Does vinegar suppress appetite? There are many people ask whether vinegar can suppress appetite. The fact that such sour thing is quite hard to drink with water as it can irritate throat may lead to the answer. Although it has not been obviously mentioned that vinegar can really suppress appetite yet several studies and trials have been done to find out the answer. And to conclude, there are certain references as below.

1.     Study in 2005 revealed test on some people drank apple vinegar that has been diluted to water. After drinking the apple vinegar they ate bread. Those who drank vinegar that has been diluted to water felt fuller than the ones who did not drink apple vinegar. Further study even showed that drinking vinegar is good to reduce the amount of sugar in the food that someone is eating.

2.     The ability of vinegar in blunting glucose is said to be factor that vinegar helps people reducing their appetite.


The Advantage of Drinking Vinegar

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Besides suppressing the appetite, vinegar has some advantages for the body as well. Here are the examples:

1.     Vinegar is called as fat burner as it has proven to be able to reduce the amount of weight. The acetic acid seems to reduce the level of blood sugar within body that at the same time is helpful to reduce the weight. By drinking vinegar you will be able to keep your body slim and you will be able to have enough intake of vitamin C that is good to keep you healthy and fresh.

2.     Vinegar helps reducing appetite in natural way. However, it should be concerned that drinking it for longer time will affect the potassium level in your body as well as the density of bones. Therefore, when you drink vinegar make sure that you combine it by consuming more vegetables. Try to always include various kinds of vegetables in your every day meal. Combine it with drinking more water and eat fruit so that your body will have enough fiber and water to keep the metabolism within your body and keep you healthy.

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