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In this site, you will find Top Rated, Best Appetite Suppressants pills for help you to lose weight. We really understand you want to find easy way to lose weight, but one of the biggest obstacle in dieting is crave for food. That's why we need to suppress our food craving by using weight loss pills sold in market.

However, not all diet pills are safe. We need to choose carefully the Appetite suppressant pills that have strong effect for losing weight but using natural, safe ingredients that doesn't harm our body. That's why we create this review site for you, to help you choose the best weight loss pills for bur excessive fat and suppress appetite without using doctor prescription.

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How to Suppress Appetite during PMS

Having PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and How to Deal with It

pms food diet1 How to Suppress Appetite during PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is something that most women often feel. This is the feeling that happens whenever a woman is about to have menstruation. This is quite killing at sometimes as it is very painful. Some of them even get severe pain that causes them to faint. Not only that, even some women will tend to blow up their appetite while having this PMS that will ruin their diet program. So, How to suppress appetite during PMS? Here are some tips to follow.

Tips on Suppressing Appetite during PMS

Tips on Suppressing Appetite during PMS 199x300 How to Suppress Appetite during PMS

1.     Try to eat a lot of carbohydrates. Eat various kinds of food that contains carbohydrate so that you can have complex carbohydrate intake. You can do this whenever you are having the PMS. There are good foods that you may consume such as grain breads, cereal, pasta, and so forth. Such food will help you reducing the amount of sugar in your blood to keep on your diet program.

2.     Good fat will help you to reduce the amount of sugar in your body too. You may tray food that contains good fat like nuts, natural nut, peanut butter, rice cake, and olive oil. You can also eat any kind of meals that contains any seeds as they contain a lot of good quality of fat as well.

3.     Eat as much protein as possible that you should include on your snack as well. You can have fish, chicken, turkey, tofu, and eggs. Protein gives you the feeling of full for longer time and energy that you need to do your daily activities well and reduce the appetite of eating sweet and sour things while you are having PMS.

4.     Calcium is good source of substance to eat. This calcium is proven to reduce suffer of having PMS as the suffering of PMS often happens to women with low calcium. Food that contains a lot of calcium includes white beans, milk, cheese, and broccoli.

5.     Have some food that contains magnesium such as sunflower seed, beans, brown rice, and peanut butter.

Tips to Reduce Appetite

Get a success weight loss program is hard especially for those who can’t stand the appetite. However, hold eating more foods besides the diet program is a must. The only way is just reducing the appetite so that you will not need more foods after those you have in your diets. Reducing appetite is often challenging but you may succeed it with a few following tips.

tips reduce appetite Tips to Reduce Appetite


Choose High Fiber and Lean Protein Foods in Your Diets    

Choose High Fiber and Lean Protein Foods in Your Diets 300x225 Tips to Reduce Appetite 

Foods containing high amounts of dietary fiber and protein are proven about the capability reducing appetite. If you eat such foods many more, you can feel full much longer. Even until your next meal time you may not need snacks. The foods should be processed healthily too without too much fats, sugars, or calorie. The foods with high lean protein can be such as almonds or other nuts, lean meats or chickens, non fat yogurt, whole grain, etc. Meanwhile, the high dietary fiber foods can be such as green vegetables, fruits like apple, berries, and orange, etc.


Having Exercise to Reduce Appetite    

Exercise curb your appetite 300x231 Tips to Reduce Appetite 

Besides to burn your fats, exercises will also enable your body to reduce the appetite. By doing an hour of aerobic exercise, your body will release appetite hormones and make you don’t want to eat more after exercise. However, if you are an obese one, it is not recommended to do too much exercise because it will contrarily gain your appetite.


Use the Power of Mind

  Use the Power of Mind 225x300 Tips to Reduce Appetite

All of the body parts are working as the instructions from brain including the fulfillment of your needs of foods. You can use the power of mind to reduce appetite and it can work more effectively. Control your mind to always think positively including the success of your weight loss program and you will have an ideal body soon. Such positive thoughts will help you eat in proper sums and stop eating after it has been enough.

How to Suppress Appetite at Work

Weight loss diet program should be had every time including at work so that it will be success. However, most women are not success having a diet program when they are at work. It is because of some factors such as the lack of energy during the program as well as the working environment is always inviting to eat high calorie foods and snacks. However, a few tips below may help to suppress appetite at work.

suppress appetite How to Suppress Appetite at Work


Choosing the Right Type of Diet Program   

healthy diet for teens How to Suppress Appetite at Work

All kinds of diet program certainly demand you to manage your foods consumption as good as possible; always in low calorie and fat. However, you have to be smart in choosing the diet program in order to succeed it even during your working days. The best idea is just choosing a diet program that can still give you sufficient energy to have at work. It means that you shouldn’t do fast diets like cabbage diets, lemon diet, detoxification diet, etc. that will make you lose much energy.


Bring Your Own Snacks at Work      

Bring Your Own Snacks at Work How to Suppress Appetite at Work

Snacking is always common during the breaks or even while doing some works. It doesn’t mater if you get some snacks as long as your diet program but the time and the sums should be managed well. Besides, you have to choose and bring the right snacks at work such as snacks with low calorie, lean protein, and low fat and high dietary fiber. Such type of snacks will also be so healthy and maintain your beauty. The snacks are such as low fat yogurt with berries, almonds, nuts, apples, etc. Just have the snacks in the times between your main meals. To succeed the diet program, you may need to invite a friend to do the same program so that you will not be influenced by others that have bad lifestyle and weight maintenance.

Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Firstly found in China and becomes the most honorable drink, the green tea drinks now are well known to all over the world. Many people have researched the properties and how it works well to maintain health including suppressing appetite. Of course, it is great news for all people with a weight loss program.

green tea 300x289 Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?


Breakdown the Catecholamine     

Catecholamine 300x223 Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Green tea is proven can breakdown the catecholamine such as norepinephrine and dopamine that will automatically affect the sympathetic nerves and then reduce the appetite. The compound named ECGC in green tea is the one that is believed affecting the enzyme breakdown and suppresses the appetite so that you will not feel hungry too fast and many times every day.


Increase the CCK Productions   

Japanese green tea 300x240 Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Another effect of green tea consumption is the increasing of CCK; a hormone that can immediately reduce appetite. CCK will release intestine that will send message to the brain that food consumed is sufficient after a meal time so that the body will not need more foods to consume. It means that there will never be too much food consumption anymore. You can have proper sums of food every time and burn the calorie much faster.


Other Healthy Effects of Green Tea

green tea health benefits Does Green Tea Extracts Suppress Appetite?

Green tea contains antioxidant polyphenol that can give many positive effects to your health. First, it can help your body burns the fats partiality to protein. Yet, the fat burning will not affect damages in cardiovascular system. Secondly, the high antioxidant is good to maintain heart health by smoothing the heart rates and maintaining the arteries. Besides, green tea also gives calmness of mind so it will be best drunk before or after yoga. Besides, green tea is also good for beauty care because of the high antioxidant contents.

Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?

Keep in ideal weight and shaped body is certainly a dream of all people. Yet, it can’t be gotten easily. Someone should always control their diet plans every day and has regular exercise to keep in shape or even losing some more weight. Choosing the best exercise is also the most important point to consider making effective your weight loss program because each exercise type gives different effects to your body.

Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite 300x257 Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?


Which One Better; Weight Lifting or Treadmill?   

treadmill Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?

A newest research has proven that dynamic treadmill workout in one hour will discharge two appetite hormones named ghrelin and peptide YY. Meanwhile, the weight lifting exercise in one and a half of hours will only release ghrelin hormone. The research was done in elevn university students to have some sessions of exercise. They are surveyed about the hungry feeling after the asked exercise to do as well as served some meals to consume. It is proved that appetite is suppressed immediately and during the dynamic treadmill. Furthermore, the research supports the previous research that appetite suppression is better gotten after aerobic exercise than the non aerobic one.

Appetite Suppression after Exercise Doesn’t Work in Obese Women

appettie suppresent 198x300 Does Exercise Helps to Suppress Appetite?

Yes, another research proved that the appetite suppression during and after the exercise is only for lean women. Contrarily, the appetite will increase after obese women got too much exercises. Based on some research, leptin hormone increases during and after the exercise so that suppressing the appetite. However, the leptin level increasing will never affect fatty body. It means that the leptin increasing will not give effects to the obese women. This study becomes good information for therapists and physicians that handle a weight loss program in obese women. They shouldn’t give too much exercise to the obese women or they will find the women hungry much and will eat much more.

What Are the Side Effects of Hoodia?

One possible thing to do to support your diet program is by consuming hoodia. Although, hoodia is commonly used you need to know several things about this pill. For example, you have to learn about Hoodia side effects.

Hoodia 300x225 What Are the Side Effects of Hoodia?


Hoodia Side Effects which Need to Be Concerned

Hoodia1 300x225 What Are the Side Effects of Hoodia?

Before learning about Hoodia side effects you need to know that it is said that this pill has no side effects. This kind of claim is based on the fact that San Bushmen tribe in Kalahari has been used this plant for many years. The main function of this pill is to suppress your appetite. In the next development, Jasjit S. Bindra, PhD said that people who consume hoodia will have possibility to suffer from liver problem. Moreover, if you are considered as diabetes patient it means you are not allowed to consume this diet pill. One more fact to know about hoodia is that it is not only an appetite suppressant but also thirst suppressant. Because it is also a thirst suppressant it means there is a possibility that you will be suffered from dehydration problem. Pregnant mother and children are not allowed to consume this pill to prevent kidney and liver problems.


The Way to Limit Hoodia Side Effects

hoodia side effects What Are the Side Effects of Hoodia?

Of course, there is a condition where you have to consume hoodia. If it is so, you need to consider several things before doing it. For example, you need to consult to your doctor whether you are allowed to consume this pill or not. If you are not allowed to consume it, you can suggest your doctor to find the substitution pill. It is a must for you to read the detail about this pill such as buyer’s guide, rating, and comparison. Just consume this pill based on the instruction and the right dosage to prevent serious Hoodia side effects so later you can get the best result that you really want and there is nothing to worry about.

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How buy phentermine without RX?

You need to be supported by specific supplement while doing your diet program. By consuming the supplement you can burn fat from the inside. One of supplements which you can use as your reference is phentermine. Some people are complaining about the way to buy phentermine without RX. Buy Phentermine without RX can be easily done.

buy phentermine How buy phentermine without RX?


The Reasons to Buy Phentermine without Prescription

phentermine without prescription How buy phentermine without RX?

Buy Phentermine without RXis possible to do right now. Actually, there are several reasons why you have to consume phentermine while doing your diet program. This supplement is considered as food suppression which has been manufactured in FDA registered facility. Although it is considered as food suppression but you don’t need to worry about your metabolism or energy because this supplement can boost it even in your diet. By consuming this supplement regularly you can reduce your weight for about 3 pounds up to 5 pounds per week. What you need to know that this supplement helps you to burn fat 24 hours even when you are sleeping.


The Place to Buy Pentermine without Prescription

The Place to Buy Pentermine without Prescription1 300x205 How buy phentermine without RX?

For those who don’t really want to buy phentermine without prescription. In fact, you can buy this supplement cheaper and you just need to spend for about $227.80 per bottle. Specifically, you will get 90 tablets in a bottle and by consuming it regularly you can see the impact for about 6 weeks. After consuming this tablet you will feel full and you can reduce your eating portion slowly. As the impact you can burn your fat from the inside to get your ideal weight. You can combine it by doing exercise and eating low carbohydrate and fat foods. In short, you have to reduce your fat from the inside and the outside for maximal result. Buy phentermine without prescription is possible and now you know what to do if you need this kind of supplement to support your diet program especially to burn fat from the inside.


Top 5 Easiest Way to Lose Weight

This is the time for you to enjoy your weight lose program. You need to do it because some people are complaining that they feel pains while loosing their weight. Easiest way to lose weight will be revealed here and you can just do it and feel the positive impact.

Easiest way to lose weight 282x300 Top 5 Easiest Way to Lose Weight


Easy Way to Lose Weight which Can Be Done at Home  

Easy Way to Lose Weight which Can Be Done at Home 300x287 Top 5 Easiest Way to Lose Weight

First, you need to add more foods which can help you to in doing weight lose program. For example, you can add your favorite fruits or vegetables in your breakfast and lunch. There is a fact that eating fruits and vegetables can make you full a little bit longer. Second, just do several exercises which you like most. By doing your favorite exercise the result will be maximal instead of doing something which you don’t really like at all. Just try to ride your bicycle, hiking, skiing. Even, you can do something simple such as washing car and chasing your dog in which you don’t realize that it is also a great work out. You can do next easy way to lose weight which is walking. Just walk around in the morning while seeing the beauty of scenery around your neighborhood. You need to know that walking around is a free activity which you can do everyday and it helps you to reduce your weight naturally. To make it well planned you can just walk every twice a day for about 10 minutes.


Managing Your Favorite Food for Easy Way to Lose Weight

lose weight 300x252 Top 5 Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Fourth, you can just reduce the food that you love which contains of fat slowly. For example, when you are eating pizza you can remove the cheese. Fifth, don’t forget to drink water before taking your meal because it can automatically reduce your eating portion. Those tips above are considered as easy way to lose weight and even you can do it right now. By doing something that you like most you will get maximal result and you don’t need to complain about the pains anymore.

Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

One important thing to consider in doing diet is how you can suppress your appetite without loosing nutrition. Of course, it means you have to choose the best food which can help suppress appetite but you don’t have to loose nutrition in your body. Here, you will learn about appetite suppressant food and there are at least 5 foods which can help to suppress appetite.

appetite suppressant food 300x198 Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite


1. Apples

appetite suppressant foods 300x231 Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

Apple is considered as good appetite suppressant food because it contains of soluble fiber. This soluble fiber is commonly known as pectin. You can eat an apple before and after meal to suppress your appetite. By eating an apple before and after meal you can suppress your hungry around 1 up to 2 hours.


2. Green Vegetables

green vegetables Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

There are several green vegetables which are considered as appetite suppressant food such as lettuce, bokchoy, and cabbage. By eating those green vegetables you don’t need to add more calories in your body so you feel full a little bit longer. You can just combine those vegetables and fruit in a bowl of salad and it is really a great and healthy diet menu.


3. Pickles

pickles1 300x199 Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

This kind of food is also a good food you can eat during your diet program. Pickles are low in calories and it makes you full enough. In fact, a jar of pickles consists of 50 calories. But just read the ingredients first because some of pickles are sold with high sugar and artificial colors.


4. Banana

Banana 300x239 Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

Banana is also a great fruit to support your diet program besides apple. This is concerning to the fact that this fruit can give you more energy. Moreover, banana is also rich of vitamin, fiber, and mineral so you don’t need to be afraid of loosing more nutrition during your diet program.


5. Organic chicken broth

chicken broth 300x284 Top 5 Foods that Help to Suppress Appetite

You can use this kind of food to give more flavors to your menu especially if you like to eat chicken. Just make a bowl of healthy soup and you can use it as a delicious appetite suppressant food.


Top 5 Foods that Burn Food when You Sleep

Most people think that burning fat is very difficult and torturing them. Moreover, they tend want to get fast result and as the result they try to consume various types of medication to reduce their weight even it is not good for their health. What you need to know that you can burn your fat naturally by eating some foods. Fat burning food is stated there and it is easy for you to find it. Actually, eating several fruits can help you to burn fat naturally without any negative side effects.

Top 5 Foods that Burn Food when You Sleep 300x225 Top 5 Foods that Burn Food when You Sleep

1. The Best Berries which Included in Belly Fat Burning Food

aplle Top 5 Foods that Burn Food when You Sleep

First, it will be incomplete if we don’t talk about raspberries if we talk about fat burning food. Besides containing of vitamin C and manganese, this fruit also full of antioxidant. Because it is considered as low sugar fruit it means you can eat it to burn your fat even when you are sleeping.

Second, if you are in diet program you can eat blackberry. This is concerning to the fact that blackberries are considered as low sugar fruit. Moreover, it has lot of vitamin C and K and you can use this fruit to do low carbohydrate diet program.

Third, besides eating those two fruits above you can also take cranberries. The strengths of this fruit are low sugar, high fiber, and full of nutrients. Cranberries contain of vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidant. Besides protecting you from cell damage problem you can also use this fruit as low carbohydrate belly fat burning food.


2 Fruits which Considered as Fat Burning Food  

Fruits which Considered as Fat Burning Food Top 5 Foods that Burn Food when You Sleep

Fourth, you can eat apple because this fruit contains of pectin. Pectin can easily bind with water and it is also useful to limit the amount of fat which can be absorbed by your cells. Moreover, apple contains of fiber and it helps you a lot in controlling your appetite.

Fifth, lemon is also great fruit which you can use to burn your fat naturally. This is the reason why you can classify this fruit as belly fat burning food.


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